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Universal Inbox

We believe that customer is the most important part of your business. You do care about your customers as much as we care about you! We, Omnico, merge all your Instant Messaging platforms in one, a simple and beautiful place, where you can communicate with your customers smoothly.

Ticket Management

Every notification and message sent to your messaging channels becomes a ticket and is managed by your agents. With OmniCo’s ticket management, your agents will be able to solve tickets without getting in each other’s way.

Omni BOT

Omni BOT is a smart friend, an optimization system, that deliver tickets to relevant teams according to the navigated keywords set by you. It helps to increase efficiency through automatic ticket flow based on your lead.


Omnico gives you insights about your customer support team, your brand, even your customers! With its leading-edge reporting abilities of monitoring.

Admin and Supervisor Cockpit

OmniCo provides Admins a real-time management cockpit where they can snapshot the overall customer relations. To go deeper, Supervisors (team leaders), assigned by Admins, could access a detailed operation cockpit where they can monitor and step in, if necessary.

Self Service Portal

OmniCo users can manually develop a knowledgebase for their customers. Let your customers help themselves and pick whatever info they need from the buffet you prepare for them!

Multi-Brand Support

If you need to manage various brands or independent operations within a bundle, no worries! OmniCo got your back. You can lead your corporate group from one single OmniCo account and still focus one by one.


With Omnico, now you can integrate your account with your existing tools your team know, like E-commerce integrations. CRM and Ticketing integrations are on the way, don’t forget to check out available integrations!

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