Lead Your Business & Customer Relations
Through Non-Voice Communication

Dont't worry about missing a call from your customers! With OmniCo's universal inbox, you will be monitoring and
receiving all of your customers' notifications in one, simple place.


With live web support, convert your website traffic into real customers!

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Benefit Telegram, that has more than 200 Million active users, to communicate with your customer.

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Facebook Messenger

Let your customers interact with you as they keep in touch with an old, close friend.

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Whatsapp is a must in the fast new generation!

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Features of OmniCo

Universal Inbox

Let your customers contact you whichever way they choose, OmniCo got your back covered.

Ticket management

With OmniCo, any interaction coming through your customers can be managed efficiently and you will never miss a thing.

Omni BOT

Let everybody in your company focus on what they do best with Omni BOT, a special assistant assigned just for you!


From your customers to employees, have a full detailed insight about your business.

Admin Cockpit

Real-time access panel to customer relation operation of your company.

Self Service Portal

Let your customers have any quick info from the buffet you prepare for them.

Multi-Brand Support

Even if you run more than one brand and operation, it is possible to manage all from a single OmniCo account.


OmniCo is a friendly software that would be compatible with your existing tools to miaximize the information management.

Turn Conversations Into Conversions
With Powerful Integrations.


By linking all your support channels and softwares in one place, such as E-commerce modules, you can now maximize customer satisfaction through compact information management.


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